Heidelberg Engineering shortlisted for Optical Supplier of the Year Award

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom – Heidelberg Engineering has been shortlisted for the coveted Optician Awards Optical Supplier of the Year Award 2019. Companies who have reached this stage have been selected on the basis of the rigorous criteria laid out by the journal –

“The panel of judges looks for suppliers to the retail optical business who can demonstrate excellence in service, quality and relationships.”

Attracting entries from a diverse range of companies supplying High Street opticians and supporting the professional skills of optometrists, competition for the title is fierce. The Heidelberg Engineering team, which offers highly accurate and reproducible OCT and confocal fundus imaging technology optimized to empower eye care professionals to improve patient care, provided details of how the optical professional has been supported with technical and business advice, ongoing world-class education, and clinical guidance which is helping to improve the standards of eye care throughout the UK.

Testimonials from Heidelberg Engineering UK customers were a major factor in the company being shortlisted. The regard in which the company is held was demonstrated by comments from the profession.

Mark Holloway, optometrist practice owner of Thomas and Holloway Opticians in Dronfield, expressed the view of many –

“Heidelberg Engineering (HE) service has been fantastic. They are quick to respond to requests, give accurate, useable and concise feedback making working with them a ‘doddle’. The educational support from HE is one of the key reasons we went with them for our OCT. Heidelberg Engineering has been very quick to support us in developing our skills within the practice and it is a very inclusive business. There is no massive corporate structure; within a few months I knew most of the team in the organisation.”

Don Williams, a Birmingham optometrist practice owner, agreed that the quality and support services provided for the OCT were of paramount importance and one and a half years down the line, he is delighted –

“For me, it is plain and simple: Heidelberg should win the category of Optical Supplier of the Year. This would provide a blue print of how real customer service is and how it should be.”

Mary Bramley, optometrist practice co-owner of Aves Optometrists in Hertfordshire, praised the level of support that she receives from Heidelberg Engineering –

“As an independent practice we are free to choose whichever suppliers we wish. Some are hugely disappointing but Heidelberg Engineering stand head and shoulders above the majority of manufacturers and suppliers because of their personal touch and attention to detail. They are a pleasure to deal with. I would like their fabulous service to be recognised by the industry. The OCT is top quality as is the team of people who support it. The fact that they have a loyal group of staff is a testament to this. Everyone should aspire to the standard set by them.”

Heidelberg Engineering UK General Manager, Tosh Vadhia is proud of the very high levels of commitment provided to the optical community by his team –

“Every single person who works at Heidelberg Engineering and within our educational academy is genuinely passionate about eye health and working diligently to improve the level of care in the community – with the ultimate goal of saving peoples’ vision. This is what drives us all at Heidelberg Engineering. We support our customers with every aspect of their business and go far beyond the remit of simply supplying a medical device – a fact which is increasingly recognised throughout the optical community.”

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