Heidelberg Engineering launches Connect Investment Club

Hemel Hempstead, UK – The new SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club, was launched by Heidelberg Engineering at Optrafair, is set to bring cost savings and to facilitate access to the most advanced eye scanning technology.

All purchasers of SPECTRALIS OCT and Heidelberg Engineering’s upgradeable platform are eligible to join the club, which brings great benefits, as Krysten Williams, Heidelberg Engineering Director, explained –

“The more practices that join us in using the SPECTRALIS platform, the greater the savings will be for all. The scheme covers all methods of financing the purchase. Optrafair is the time when we want to really promote the fact that we have not just a superb OCT, but also an expandable multi-modality platform for enhanced patient care: an investment for the future,” said Krysten.

Keen for practices and clinics to maximise the opportunities for shared care programmes, the Heidelberg Engineering platform has recently seem the launch of 55 degree fundus imaging with simultaneous widefield OCT.

The Investment Club allows practices to expand the functionality of the SPECTRALIS, or invest in additional systems, at a significant cost reduction. Heidelberg Engineering’s customers are set to receive an invitation to join the SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Club LinkedIn Group which will facilitate discussion with other SPECTRALIS users.

As part of the SPECTRALIS Connect Investment Programme practices are provided with marketing materials to educate their patients and differentiate themselves. The materials are designed to target disease groups, specifically AMD, cataract, glaucoma and diabetic patients, as well as broadly advertise the benefits of the 4D HD Eye Health Check. The campaign includes patient leaflets, and a mailer, roll-up banners, advertisements, postcards, posters, reminder letter templates, press release templates and a practice video for display in the practice or online.

“Speaking the same language as consultant ophthalmologists in order to make credible referrals, and being able to communicate the simple benefits of the SPECTRALIS 4D HD Eye Health Check to patients is key. We have everything the practice needs to promote a premium service.”

  • Two days on-site training
  • The Online certification programme
  • SPECTRALIS 4D HD Eye Health Check front of house staff training
  • Image acquisition and interpretation courses
  • The extensive range of online learning resources

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