Giovanni Staurenghi discusses the benefits and pitfalls of OCT angiography in new webinar

Hemel Hempstead, UK – Professor Giovanni Staurenghi of the University of Milan, discussed the unique attributes of hybrid angiography at Heidelberg Engineering’s 5th Annual Masterclass in May. His presentation, entitled “OCT Angiography – Benefits and Pitfalls”, is now available to view online and provides a thoughtful and rational look at the role of OCT angiography* in the clinical decision making process as part of a multimodality imaging approach to patient investigation and diagnosis.

“OCT angiography is a new imaging tool and we are still in the learning curve”, explained Professor Staurenghi. “I think discussing its advantages and pitfalls is an important and honest way to approach this new angiography and we have shown that it is advisable to exercise caution when using new technology that we do not necessarily fully understand yet. We know that using multimodal imaging provides a better diagnosis than using single imaging modes alone and it seems OCT angiography will play an important role in multimodal imaging in the future”.

In the recorded webinar, Professor Staurenghi discusses the specific clinical applications of OCT angiography through a series of case studies and the challenges image artefacts and incorrect retinal layer segmentation create for the clinician when interpreting the images that have yet to be overcome by any commercially available device.

The recorded webinar of the full presentation can be viewed at

*OCT Angiography Module for SPECTRALIS is under development and not yet for sale.

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