Add the BluePeak Module to your SPECTRALIS

In recently published clinical guidelines, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO) recommend that all patients prescribed hydroxychloroquine long term (over five years) have a baseline examination and are screened annually after five years whilst on therapy.

The SPECTRALIS® multimodality imaging platform provides the perfect combination of imaging modalities for hydroxychloroquine screening. You can capture fundus autofluorescence (FAF) images with the BluePeak Module for fundus autofluorescence and expand the field of view by using the Widefield Imaging Module or via a composite of images with the standard lens.

If you own a SPECTRALIS and do not currently have the BluePeak Module or the Widefield Imaging Module enabled on your device, you can take advantage of the upgradeable design and simply add this functionality now.

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Add the BluePeak Module to your SPECTRALIS

There are many advantages to using the SPECTRALIS for your hydroxychloroquine screening requirements:

  • Combine BluePeak autofluorescence with simultaneous OCT for exact correlation between the fundus image and the OCT image.
  • Identify regions of pathology and place OCT scan lines precisely in the areas of interest, with live, real-time, image acquisition.
  • Adjust the fixation target to explore the peripheral retina and capture multiple images, which can be stitched into a widefield composite image.
  • Add the Widefield Imaging Module to capture 55° images in a single shot with simultaneous 16.5 mm widefield OCT scans.