10 Questions to ask when choosing an OCT

10 Questions to ask when choosing an OCT

  • Is my OCT upgradeable allowing me to add new technology, protecting my investment?
  • Does my OCT identify changes as small as 1 micron so that I can diagnose glaucoma very early?
  • Does my OCT visualise 10 layers of the retina so I can pinpoint pathology?
  • Can my OCT image in any lighting conditions through small pupils?
  • Can my OCT capture stunning fundus and OCT images through cataracts and contact lenses?
  • Does my OCT use retinal recognition to follow-up in the same location on every patient visit?
  • Can my OCT never follow-up on the wrong patient or the wrong eye?
  • Does my OCT customise the OCT scan to the anatomy of the individual patient?
  • Is my OCT being used to monitor astronauts eye health on the ISS?
  • Is my OCT the choice of retinal specialists within the NHS?

No matter how you configure your SPECTRALIS® OCT or SPECTRALIS SPIRIT platform, you can be sure that you can answer ‘YES’ to all these questions. Choose the SPECTRALIS that is right for you, your practice and patients.
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10 Questions to ask when choosing an OCT





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