RetinAI collaboration with Heidelberg Engineering gives customers access to RetinAI’s analysis models in OCT

Bern, Switzerland and Heidelberg, Germany – RetinAI Medical AG and Heidelberg Engineering have announced a collaboration which will enable Heidelberg Engineering’s customers to utilize RetinAI’s portfolio of artificial intelligence analysis tools in combination with high-quality OCT images. Thanks to cloud exchange and application marketplace technologies, SPECTRALIS® users will have the option of sending OCT volume scans for analysis using RetinAI’s tools in a convenient and secure manner.

Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS OCT image processed with RetinAI's certified AI models.
Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS OCT image processed with RetinAI’s certified AI models.

The exponential growth of retinal disease globally, along with the increase in innovative therapeutics requiring frequent patient monitoring, have created pressure on healthcare systems to scan and process images for enhanced clinical information. Artificial intelligence (AI) models such as those developed by RetinAI can improve the speed, efficiency, and consistency with which image data is processed. RetinAI’s tools support diagnostic analyses and clinical workflows for monitoring of patient and treatment outcomes across several eye conditions such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (including Geographic Atrophy), Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Macular Edema, Glaucoma, and Retinal Vein Occlusion.

RetinAI will initially provide access to its CE-marked AI analysis models, to support the efficient processing of image data. As the portfolio of regulatory approved AI solutions expands, both companies expect additional features will also become available to Heidelberg Engineering customers. This technology is used today by healthcare and clinical research professionals to compute imaging biomarkers and track changes over time for some of the most common eye diseases.

Heidelberg Engineering is very pleased with this collaboration as it delivers convenient and secure access to RetinAI’s cutting-edge AI tools for the clinician at the point of care. It aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovative solutions focused on the clinical benefit for the patient,” said Krysten Williams, Head of Global Marketing and Education at Heidelberg Engineering.

RetinAI is excited to further develop our relationship with Heidelberg Engineering, a leading company in the ophthalmology space with their exceptional OCT devices, providing access to AI capabilities in ophthalmology worldwide. We clearly see the value that RetinAI can bring to existing customers and the potential to improve the patient standard of care. Our AI tools are enablers to increase efficiency in research and clinical studies and we expect they can also improve medication and treatment regimens for patients by providing enhanced data insights”, said Dr. Carlos Ciller, CEO of RetinAI.

About RetinAI: RetinAI Medical AG (RetinAI), founded in early 2017, is a Swiss company developing software solutions to accelerate clinics, research, and pharmaceutical workflows globally, using advanced machine learning and computer vision. The company builds tools to collect, organize, and analyze health data from the eyes, enabling healthcare professionals to make the right decisions in a timely manner. RetinAI´s international team combines clinical, technical, and scientific knowledge to foster the transition from reactive to preventive medicine for severe diseases affecting the eye.

About Heidelberg Engineering: Heidelberg Engineering continually optimizes imaging and healthcare IT Technologies to provide ophthalmic diagnostic solutions that empower clinicians to improve patient care. From its inception in 1990, the company has collaborated with scientists, clinicians, and industry players to develop innovative products that deliver clinically relevant benefits. Uncompromising quality and education play a large part in fostering the diagnostic confidence synonymous with the global brand. The company’s substantial experience in the development and implementation of intelligent image and data management solutions complements its distinguished history in the design, manufacture, and distribution of ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. Heidelberg Engineering’s growing product portfolio combines these core technologies: confocal microscopy, scanning lasers and optics, optical coherence tomography (OCT), real-time image processing and analytics, multimodal image managements solutions (PACS), electronic medical records (EMR) and large-scale data analysis.

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