Research Initiative awarded at 3rd Annual Glaucoma Masterclass

Hemel Hempstead, UK – The Heidelberg Engineering Academy Glaucoma Faculty recently held the third annual Glaucoma Masterclass at the City Rooms Hotel, Leicester.

After a warm welcome from the Faculty Co-Chairman, Nick Strouthidis, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Director of the Glaucoma Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital, guests enjoyed an informative keynote lecture from Colm O’Brien, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Dublin, – Optic Disc Cupping: the View from the Lab.

This year’s Masterclass saw the introduction of the Glaucoma Research Initiative; a £10,000 research grant awarded to the institution submitting the most innovative research proposal in the field of glaucoma.

The authors of the top three submissions presented their research proposals. Andrew Tatham, Consultant Eye Surgeon at Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Edinburgh presented a proposal on ‘Portable perimetry using eye tracking and a virtual reality headset’. Arij Daas of Royal London Hospital shared her work on ‘Investigating olfaction function in glaucoma’. Dr. Sabina Sapeta of the Medical University Vienna presented the submission on‘ Aqueous outflow system structures imaging with ultra-high-resolution OCT in glaucoma’.

“Heidelberg Engineering has a rich history of collaboration with clinicians and researchers to develop new clinical applications for imaging technologies,” explained Krysten Williams, Director of Heidelberg Engineering in the UK. “We hope that the introduction of the glaucoma research initiative demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting research that will improve patient care.”

The Medical University Vienna was announced the winner of The Glaucoma Research Initiative for their research project which aimed to employ ultra-high-resolution OCT for imaging of the aqueous outflow system and to perform 3D reconstruction of Schlemm’s canal and evaluation of lumen diameter in glaucoma patients. Dr. Sabina Sapeta and Assistant Professor Rene Werkmeister received the prize on behalf of the University from renowned International Glaucoma Association Professor of Ophthalmology Ted Garway-Heath.

Research Initiative awarded at 3rd Annual Glaucoma Masterclass
Research Initiative awarded at 3rd Annual Glaucoma Masterclass

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