OCT Angiography Module for SPECTRALIS benefits from superior resolution

SPECTRALIS Hybrid Angiography
SPECTRALIS Hybrid Angiography
Hemel Hempstead, UK – The OCT Angiography (OCTA) Module for the SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging platform is now available to order and will begin shipping in November 2016. The OCTA Module uses a complex mathematical model fed by full spectrum OCT data. The full spectrum approach enables three-dimensional OCTA imaging with high axial resolution separating thin vascular plexuses.

“With a lateral resolution of 5.7 microns and an axial resolution of 3.9 microns we are able to resolve the individual vascular capillary plexus within the retina and provide very high resolution images for the clinician. This technology can then be combined with conventional fluorescein and ICG angiography to form hybrid angiography, which provides pixel by pixel correlation between OCTA and dye-based angiographies as well as infrared, MultiColor and BluePeak images”, explained Christopher Mody, Director of Clinical Services.

The OCT Angiography Module can be added to new and existing upgradeable SPECTRALIS devices with the OCT2 Module. Like all SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging modalities, the OCT Angiography Module benefits from the precision of TruTrack Active Eye Tracking, which avoids motion artifacts and ensures high resolution images.

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