Heidelberg launch second in series of interactive video tutorials for new Widefield Imaging Module

Widefield Imaging Module
Widefield Imaging Module

Hemel Hempstead, UK –
The Widefield Imaging interactive video tutorial is an innovative self-education tool that allows clinicians and operators to educate themselves individually and to self-test their knowledge about the use of the new software and lens attachment.

The Widefield Imaging Module provides a 55 degree field of view for all SPECTRALIS fundus imaging modalities including MultiColor, BluePeak, infrared reflectance, angiography, and also OCT.

Covering the macula, the optic nerve head and areas beyond the vessel arcades in a single image, the Widefield Imaging Module facilitates comprehensive diagnostics. The high-resolution, high-contrast scanning laser images captured with this SPECTRALIS module offer diagnostic capabilities superior to conventional fundus photography.

The Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE) interactive video tutorial, the first in the series, gives insights to new features and diagnosis possibilities of GMPE. Each e-learning module will be automatically installed free of charge by updating the SPECTRALIS software version or can be downloaded here:

Interactive Video Tutorials

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