Heidelberg Engineering´s OCT Case Clinic is major event at Optrafair

Hemel Hempstead, UK –Understanding the role OCT plays in the early diagnosis of disease, and improved patient care, is the focus of Heidelberg Engineering’s educational programme at Optrafair: 18-20 April.

The Birmingham show’s new OCT Case Clinic peer discussions, sponsored by Heidelberg Engineering, will examine real cases submitted by practices around the UK. Expert review, and discussion, of submissions offer the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and build confidence from the six free to attend 90 minute sessions.

“OCT isn’t everything,” explained Christopher Mody, Heidelberg Engineering Clinical Programme Manager – “The OCT Case Clinic is designed to help clinicians understand the part OCT plays in relation to other diagnostic information, as well as the significance of visualising structural changes to narrow the differential diagnoses and make confident decisions.”

“Regardless of which OCT you use, it should not be used independently, and it cannot replace your clinical judgement. The OCT Case Clinic is designed to put OCT into context as a valuable diagnostic tool that can enhance patient care when used as part of a multi-modality approach to diagnosis and monitoring of disease.”

In addition to the OCT Case Clinics, Heidelberg Engineering will sponsor two hours of CET lectures, centred on promoting and profiting from clinical services and improving patient care. The launch of the Connect Business Academy at Optrafair provides users with expert advice and guidance in aspects such as data mining, designing the patient journey, shared care, social media, patient education and staff training.

With an emphasis on both clinical and business education, Heidelberg Engineering’s presence at the Birmingham show highlights the benefits of implementing a multi-modality imaging approach for early disease detection, accurate diagnosis and monitoring change.

All OCT case studies are invited for discussion to: Academy-UK@heidelbergengineering.com

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