Heidelberg Engineering supply free OCT protective breath shields

Breath Shield SPECTRALISHeidelberg Engineering have begun shipping protective breath shields free of charge to SPECTRALIS owners in the UK. The protective breath shield is designed to form a transparent barrier between the patient and the operator of the device in order to minimise the risk of the transfer of pathogens*.

“We are committed to aiding our customers in every way we can during the COVID-19 pandemic”, explains Tosh Vadhia, General Manager, Heidelberg Engineering Limited. “We are providing the breath shields free of charge in a special initiative to support the NHS and our optometry customers who are still providing emergency services to their communities. We hope the breath shields, combined with other personal protective equipment, will help eye care professionals to continue to provide essential ophthalmic imaging services to patients as safely as possible during this challenging time”.

Breath shields are available to SPECTRALIS owners on request. Please email Info-UK@HeidelbergEngineering.com for more information.

*The protective breath shield is not an approved medical device and it is not guaranteed to block transmission of viral pathogens, reduce the risk of infection, or prevent disease.

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