Heidelberg Engineering appoints Christopher Mody as Clinical Director

Chris Mody at ISS
Christopher Mody, Clinical Director of Heidelberg Engineering at the recent International SPECTRALIS Symposium in Seoul, South Korea.
Heidelberg, Germany – In this new role, Christopher Mody, an ophthalmic scientist with 30 years clinical ophthalmology experience in the public sector and 7 years at Heidelberg Engineering UK, will be facilitating the exchange of scientific information between the global ophthalmic community and the company.

From its inception almost 30 years ago, Heidelberg Engineering has worked closely with scientists and clinicians to develop clinically relevant innovative solutions. By appointing Christopher Mody as Clinical Director, the company further strengthens its close ties with the medical community with the goal of identifying and translating clinical needs into the company’s Product Management and Research and Development functions.

“Chris Mody is ideally suited to support our translational science program designed to deliver comprehensive, clinically relevant solutions to our customers. His knowledge will continue to strengthen our research alliances, while his passion for education will enhance the company’s role in advancing patient care.”, said Ali Tafreshi, Head of Product Management and Clinical Affairs at Heidelberg Engineering.

“When I received my first HRT and one of the very first HRAs in Sheffield many years ago, I immediately realized that they were essential to improving our service. With their accuracy and repeatability, we could make a difference for patients. When I joined the Heidelberg Engineering UK team, I witnessed daily how the dynamic diagnostic information that our customers obtain empowers them to deliver better care,” said Christopher Mody, Clinical Director at Heidelberg Engineering. “In my new global role, I will devote myself to the exchange of accurate intelligence between the ophthalmic community and our company for the development of innovative solutions that continue to fulfill clinical needs,” he concludes.

The list of Christopher Mody’s career achievements is long. Starting off as a graduate in Ophthalmic Science and Technology, he went on to become a Clinical Service Manager at the Ophthalmic Physiological Sciences Service of Sheffield Teaching Hospital, where he worked for 24 years. Responsible for one of the busiest ophthalmic departments in the UK, he successfully implemented a healthcare IT infrastructure to deliver paperless working and virtual clinics. Parallel to that, he acted as a consultant to The Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Department of Health for the design of national occupational standards and for the development of ophthalmic and vision science university curriculum for the National Health Service. As part of the Heidelberg Engineering UK team, he became one of the leading figures of the Heidelberg Engineering Academy raising the standard of imaging education and facilitating numerous significant research projects.

In his new position, Christopher Mody will influence the clinical direction of the entire Heidelberg Engineering product portfolio and the integration of third-party solutions. An example of the tasks ahead of him is the further development and validation of an enhanced diagnostic toolbox for early detection and management of glaucoma; employing state-of-the-art imaging technologies and traditional parameters to deliver multifaceted clinical evaluation of the disease.

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