First Widefield Imaging Module Shipped to Optometrist

Hemel Hempstead, UK – Heidelberg Engineering UK’s first Widefield Imaging Module, which offers a 55 degree fundus image and simultaneous 16.5mm widefield OCT scan, has been shipped to Opticians Awards Practice of the Year winner Alisdair Buchanan.

Just released, the much in demand upgrade facilitates the detection of peripheral pathologies, as Alisdair said –

“One of the great benefits is that with one shot you can see the periphery of the retina, which saves considerable time with each patient. With this one view we are able to diagnose conditions much more easily. We can view the retinal layers and changes well before problems start to occur. To see a 55 degree OCT rather than 30 degrees is amazing, and has brought a fantastic reaction from patients when we explain what we can do now,” said the Kent optometrist.

“After two years in practice, the SPECTRALIS has more than paid for itself. Moreover, it has helped us to position ourselves as one of the best practices in the UK.
One of the key factors in buying the SPECTRALIS is that it will never become obsolete. This upgrade is a clear example of it being updated continuously,” he said.

The Widefield Imaging Module provides a 55 degree field of view for all SPECTRALIS fundus imaging modalities including MultiColor, BluePeak, infrared reflectance, angiography, and also OCT.
Covering the macula, the optic nerve head and areas beyond the vessel arcades in a single image, the Widefield Imaging Module facilitates comprehensive diagnostics.
The high-resolution, high-contrast scanning laser images captured with this SPECTRALIS module offer diagnostic capabilities superior to conventional fundus photography.

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