The Core DNA of SPECTRALIS: Multimodal Diagnostics in One Device

Multimodal DiagnosticsSPECTRALIS® offers a unique combination of established and innovative imaging modalities such as OCT, infrared, fundus autofluorescence, MultiColor, OCT angiography*, fluorescein angiography, ultra-widefield imaging, and more. Multi-modality imaging on a single platform provides the information you need to increase diagnostic confidence.

*Not currently available in the USA and China.

adj. Prof. Tock-Han LimBy co-locating and comparing the en face images of CSLO-FA and CSLO-ICGA with the cross-sectional images of SD-OCT, we are able to interpret the images better than with any single modality alone. The SPECTRALIS multi-modal imaging platform is, in my opinion, indispensable in my retina clinic.

Adj. Prof. Tock-Han Lim, Senior Consultant and Past Director, NHG Eye Institute / Adj. Prof., Lee Kong Chian School of Medicin

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