Heidelberg Engineering and Medisoft launch research hub

Heidelberg Engineering Ltd and sister company Medisoft Ltd have strengthened their support of UK ophthalmology research, where they have seen an increase in demand for imaging expertise and data auditing tools. The launch of the “Research Hub” at the Medisoft HQ in Leeds provides the opportunity to demonstrate high-resolution diagnostic imaging solutions and mediSIGHT structured data for clinical research and improving patient outcomes. Visitors will experience the SPECTRALISANTERIONHEYEX 2mediSIGHT diagnostic workflow, patient pathway and comprehensive auditing functionality.

Heidelberg Engineering Ltd.

Tim Cole
Tim Cole - Clinical Affairs Manager

The Clinical Affairs team help ophthalmologists, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies by offering guidance on imaging protocols for research trials and options for exporting the data. Imaging and photography in the realms of research is a passion for the team and having Medisoft as part of the Heidelberg Engineering group of companies completes the data journey:


“Working closely with Medisoft presents a deep ocean of opportunity for clinicians to explore the vast amounts of highly accurate measurement data from over 200 hospitals in the UK. This has huge potential in audits for efficiencies and pharmaceutical studies, but also paves the way for future research with artificial intelligence”Tim Cole, Clinical Affairs Manager


Medisoft Ltd.

Nick Kirby
Nick Kirby – Director of Data Services

Nick Kirby, Director of Data Services, oversees Medisoft’s research and development function, including its Data Services unit. The team develop and maintain the company’s sophisticated business intelligence platform which continues to ensure Medisoft’s rich and wide-ranging reporting capability is almost unique in the healthcare software industry. The team has also supported the delivery of many real-world evidence-based studies, helping to answer important research questions. More recently, they have further expanded the scope of services beyond data anonymisation and more general data processing activities to include full statistical analysis support of the comprehensive data captured in the EMR system.


“Together with the Heidelberg Engineering team we can dig deeper into structure-function relationships, harnessing the power of rich data from the Medisoft EMR in combination with the detailed diagnostic imaging data from the Heidelberg Engineering devices, gaining yet further invaluable insights for ophthalmic research” – Nick Kirby


The Future

As part of the Heidelberg Engineering group, both companies are committed to elevating standards of patient care and disease management:

“By combining our imaging expertise and bespoke auditing tools for our large network of customers, we aim to make it even easier for clinicians and researchers to bring their work to fruition. We hope that research will flourish in the UK because of this and ultimately will allow ophthalmology to feel that they have trusted industry colleagues to support their work and overcome the obstacles they may face.” Tosh Vadhia, Managing Director, Heidelberg Engineering Ltd.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Heidelberg Engineering: clinicalaffairs-uk@heidelbergengineering.com

MediSoft: info@medisoft.co.uk