Go beyond with SPECTRALIS and enjoy new practice marketing materials

Go Beyond with sPECTRALISHeidelberg Engineering has launched a new practice marketing campaign to assist SPECTRALIS® owners in advertising the benefits of an extended eye health check to their patients. The new campaign references the SPECTRALIS situated on the International Space Station and the importance of having a comprehensive eye health examination to help practices set themselves apart from their competitors. 

Heidelberg Engineering are dedicated to providing our customers with the marketing tools and clinical education they need to build their confidence and make implementing multimodal imaging technology into their practice successful.

View the new materials

The new campaign includes posters, a roll-up banner and patient leaflet and joins the wide range of existing materials already available to SPECTRALIS owners, including the patient mailers, reminder letter templates, and practice marketing video.

SPECTRALIS owners can download print-quality practice marketing materials by signing in to the Business Lounge and visiting the Practice Tools section. Please ensure you have entered your SPECTRALIS asset number during Business Lounge registration in order to access the full range of practice marketing tools, print quality versions, and online shop.