Three advantages of OCT Angiography with SPECTRALIS

The new SPECTRALIS® Software Version 6.9a comes with many new features, particularly for the OCT Angiography Module. It is designed to facilitate the comprehensive clinical assessment and efficient patient care provided by the multimodal SPECTRALIS imaging platform.


More detail within the individual vascular plexuses

The high resolution OCTA images provide precise segmentation and visualization of all relevant vascular plexuses.

Your advantage? A comprehensive clinical view at the push of a button.

Clear visualization at all depths

The new projection artifact removal (PAR) tool utilizes information from the superficial vascular plexus and reduces unwanted artifacts from OCTA images of the outer retina.

The result? Vascular structures and pathology can be visualized more precisely.

Pathology revealed

To ensure that you get the full extent of a pathology the layer segmentation can be easily corrected. By just correcting 5-7 segmentation lines manually the software is able to correct all 512 B-Scans of an OCTA image automatically.

The benefit for you? With just a few clicks, the full extent of a pathology is unmasked.

 Propagation von Segmentierungskorrekturen

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